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Our Markets

Who we work with

Designing and installing seating systems for spectators and audiences cannot be left to chance. That’s why SDR Seating works with top professionals representing these fields:

  • Architects and designers
  • Building contractors
  • Facilities managers

  • Facilities consultants
  • Officials representing school boards, colleges and universities
  • Municipal officials and boards



Our suppliers

We're proud to work with leading suppliers of spectator seating and sports equipment. Titan Carter Platform Systems, Hussey Seating Co., Porter Athletic, and Audience Systems Limited are among the suppliers whose products and equipment can be found in both indoor and outdoor facilities throughout North America and Europe.

Facilities for our products and services

SDR has vast experience in installing and servicing seating platforms and equipment for any of these facilities:

  • Stadiums and arenas – educational institutions, public and private facilities, municipalities
  • Entertainment – theatres, concert halls and auditoriums, multi-purpose facilities
  • Education – gymnasiums, lecture halls, classrooms, cafeterias
  • Worship – churches, synagogues, temples

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  • About SDR Seating

    We regard every installation as unique, which means SDR Seating customizes spectator seating to fit your facility and suit your requirements – all backed by exceptional service. From fully-welded attachment points and aluminum decks, to interlocking frames and custom finishes, our seats have a reputation for flawless performance.

  • With our focus on clients, we have earned a solid reputation based on uncompromising quality, on-time commitments, total reliability and consistent performance in everything we do.