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Features that give your spectators the best seats in the house

Through our long-term partnerships with leading suppliers of spectator seating and sports equipment, SDR offers a range of features, accessories and engineering options to meet your specifications. Flexibility is a key factor since a facility's use changes constantly. A multi-use auditorium might have to accommodate a basketball game, floor hockey, public meetings or theatrical performances - all within a week or less.




Product line-up

From the design and specifications stage, right through to installation and maintenance,
our products and services are designed and engineered for full flexibility.

Bleachers Basketball equipment Outdoor grandstands
Track and field equipment Custom demountable decks Tip-up and spanner decks
Railings: front, rear and centre
Custom stairs and stairways Power packages: chain drive and
friction power
Divider Curtains Safety inspections Complete service and repair programs

We have an array of both fabric and wood finishes. If a custom look is your preference, SDR can source the finishes you want or match the colours available for your seating needs.



Our goal is to meet and even surpass building codes and regulations that govern spectator seating and sports equipment. All of our products are expertly-engineered, while the SDR Seating staff ensures equipment meets our own standards of safety, durability and flexibility.


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